Management Committee

The Management Committee is elected annually by the public at The AGM.  The Management Committee is responsible for all aspects of the centre.

The current Management Committee is as follows;

Chairperson            Tommy McLean

Vice Chairperson     Sheila Perry

Secretary               Neena Livingstone

Treasurer                Scott Smith

Members                Frank Ross

                       Liz Plummer

                       Graham Balfour

                       Tommy Sutherland

                       Diane Pearson

                       Ken Cadogan

                       Sheila Mackay

                       Sheila Haw

                       Fione Bedingfield  

                       Neil Archibald

                       Beverley Walker                  



The Management Committee meets once a month usually on the second Monday of the month, from 7.00 - 9.15.  There are also a number of sub-comittees that meet when required.