The Karate Club was established in 1983 and was initially based in the Munro Centre in Clermiston from there it moved to Drum Brae Primary School and then on to the Corstorphine Leisure Centre in September 1987. The Club is now based in the Drum Brae Leisure Centre and the Corstorphine Youth Centre, with classes on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

The classes at the Youth Centre are for Children from 6 years to mid-teens, whereas the classes at the Drum Brae Leisure Centre are for children and Adults, although the Adults and Children train at different times.

The style of Karate that is taught is Shuko-Kai, which is derived from Shito-Ryu one of the first five early forms of traditional Japanese Karate. The Club is associated to the Bushi-Kai Karate Association which in turn is affiliated to the Scottish Karate Board, which is the Governing body for the sport in this country


The Chief Instructor, Robert Gillespie is a Black Belt Fifth Dan (Godan) and fully qualified senior coach and started practicing Karate in January 1978 and attaining the first grade in May of that year and has competed both in the UK and abroad and have enjoyed success both in National Championships and regional competitions in both Kata ( pre-arranged patterns) and Kumite (Free Sparring)

Since the inception of the club, the club have enjoyed numerous successes in both, competition and assisting students to attain Black Belt status

The aim of the Club is to ensure that Karate is taught in a safe environment and the classes are planned in such a way that ensures everyone can learn an exciting and rewarding sport whilst having fun along the way, irrespective of the age group involved, and of course to attain a level of fitness and discipline that will improve the lifestyle of all students. The club has the following in place:

Child Protection Policy

Risk Assessment Policy

Enhanced Disclosure (Scotland)

Club Insurance

1st Aid Qualified