How the committee works


CYC Centre commitee meetings are held monthly, usually on a Monday evening at 7.15 pm.  An Annual General Meeting is held annually in June.


To facilitate the work of the committee, some of the detail is devolved to sub-commitees. The Finance sub-committee is currently the only one which is active, but in the past we have also had a very busy Building and Fabric sub-commitee which we would very much like to revive. From time to time a Young People's Activities sub-committee has also been convened.

Roles and make-up of the committee

We would welcome new members either for the full committee or for one of the sub-commmittees, since we recognise that there is a lot of expertise 'out there' in the community that is untapped from our point of view!


As part of our new development plan we will almost certainly be reviewing the roles of committee members and any training required. Without pre-empting the results of the review, I think we hope to create job descriptions for everyone, so that in future people will know what they are taking on when they agree to join the committee.


The work of the committee mainly involves taking decisions on priorities for building and fabric work, organising and taking part in community events, and trying to ensure the programme offers a good choice of appropriate activities for all ages.